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The ultimate date night in

If you’re looking for the ultimate date night but don’t feel like (or can’t thanks to the big C) going out and spending a small fortune on a fancy dinner, an incredibly expensive movie ticket and an overpriced parking spot, do I have the answer for you! Enter our new at home hampers! I’ve designed these hampers with a Friday night vibe (although you can book them 7 days a week). They include a cozy teepee with fairy lights, rugs and cushions, a large array of sweet and savoury snacks and a cheeky cocktail, accompanied by fun board games, a mini Olympics set up and a fun little Would You Rather quiz. The hampers are delivered to your door and a setup video is sent to your phone with instructions on how to set it all up. With just 20 mins prep time needed you can take an ordinary night in, to a fun filled date night. Whether you’re early in your relationship and still getting to know each other, or, like me, you’ve been with your partner for a very long time and often find yourselves watching the same rerun movies every weekend, the Romantic Night In Hamper is sure to make a big impact.

Looking to spoil your bestie instead? Jump into our Besties Night In Hamper; filled with snacks, cocktails, facemasks and a paint and sip activity, it will be sure to brighten your besties night! Catch up about the week that was while you sip on Espresso Martinis, snack on popcorn and Tim Tams and get creative with a paint by numbers wall hanging. Delivered to your door, it’s sure to show your bestie a fun night in!

Gold Coast residents receive free delivery, however the hampers can be delivered across Australia, send an email to [email protected] for a custom quote for delivery to your place!

Pop up picnics in public spaces

All you need to know about permits, council regulations and what it might cost you to host your next event on council owned land.

Blush Picnic

You may have noticed an abundance of pop-up picnic companies sprouting out of every social media fossette on the internet lately, but what do you need to know before you book your next big event with a company like this?

The top three questions to ask a company before engaging in a picnic in a public space are; do they have permission from council, what is the permit cost and do they have sufficient public liability insurance? As the market has become flooded with small business taking up the picnic hire mantel, it’s understandable that not everyone will be aware of, or choose not to adhere to these regulations, but if your party is interrupted by council and the necessary documents, insurance and permits are not completed it can mean up to a $600 on the spot fine (not the best way to end a nice celebration with your family and friends).

So if the fines are so big, why wouldn’t every company adhere to these rules?

Firstly, the information can be difficult to come by from a business perspective, most councils will have regulations set out on their websites for non-commercial meetings (such as a family taking a picnic basket along to their local park to enjoy with one another). However, any business that is seen as profiting from the use of council land, needs to apply directly to council and seek out the appropriate information to ensure they are covered.

Secondly insurance can be difficult, as a small business owner, one of the things you do early on in your business is insure your product, however public liability is a whole other kettle of fish. Not all companies will provide this kind of insurance and finding the right policy for the business means hurdle jumping and patience will be required in spades!

Lastly there’s applying for the council permits themselves, each event will require a new permit which the business needs to pay for well before the event (meaning they can often be forking out for a permit before they even get paid). Not only is it costly but you need to ensure you give council ample time to book, some processing times can be up to 10 working days, which means last minute bookings you don’t want to say no to, simply can’t be done in a public space without breeching these new council regulations.

Having gone through the rigmarole of changing insurance, moving bookings to private spaces (due to waiting on insurance changes and permits) and constant back and forthing with my insurance broker, I can assure you Host Box Hire is fully council compliant, however if you find yourself getting quoted a very cheap fee for a setup, there is a very good chance the company doesn’t have insurance or permission from council.

To ensure your event doesn’t get stung with a huge council fine, always ensure you are booking with a certified picnic company like Host Box Hire and you’re planning your public events at least two weeks in advance.

Happy celebrating!


FOUR top tips for preserving the glassware you love


If they’ve been stored in a cupboard for a length of time you may find they are dusty, and this can often feel greasy if you keep them in a cupboard near a cooking area. Most kitchens are designed with glassware cupboards above or near the range hood so this can result in greasy steam and dust accumulating on the glass. Give them a wash the day of or before your event to ensure they are perfect for when your guests arrive. It goes without saying that they should be cleaned after your event to ensure no wine residue is left behind.


Most people will either hand wash or use a dishwasher, either option is fine. If hand washing ensure you are washing the glasses one at a time, there is nothing worse than chipping a glass as you ferret around a tub of suds looking for the glasses below the bubbles. Use a mild detergent in warm water with a soft cloth or sponge (no steel wool required) and ensure you rinse with warm water before leaving them to dry. If using your dishwasher find the short warm cycle (or glassware cycle) and if possible, wash them separately to your cutlery and plates as these often have crumbs and greasy residue which can stain the glassware. If your dishwasher has a rinse aid cycle use this too.


Keep in mind that glass is very susceptible to sharp changes in temperature, when drying it is best to leave glasses to air dry and then use a soft glass cloth to buff any water marks away from the glass. Here at Host Box, we use a dishwasher; after the cycle is complete, we allow the glasses to dry and cool in the machine (with the door open) to prevent temperature shock, then move the glasses to air dry on soft cloths. They are first left to dry upside down (to remove any excess water pooling in the bottom of the glass) then flipped upright to finish drying. They are then buffed dry to ensure no water marks are left.


All glassware here at Host Box HQ is stored in their original packaging, wrapped in soft paper and bubble wrap and set back in storage shelves in our office space away from direct sunlight and moisture, however we know this is not a practical way for most people to store their glassware.

If you have really special glassware, try to find a dark spot away from the kitchen (in a credenza or cupboard) and when possible, wrap and preserve and use a soft lining in the bottom of the cupboard (sheets of butchers’ paper or cloth liners work well). If this is not practical my advice is to find an area away from the warm steamy elements in the kitchen, think the sink, dishwasher and stove. If you have a large pantry you could consider buying glassware boxes and storing them in the bottom of your pantry where it is dry and dark.

Following these 4 simple steps means your special glassware pieces can be preserved for generations and passed down from family to family.

Happy Entertaining!


How to make Valentines Day special in a global pandemic*

Valentines Day is fast approaching but with all of the craziness of 2020 not yet behind us, how can you make a romantic day usually filled with dinner reservations in busy restaurants work? Easy, do it at home!

Step 1) Hire a Host Box and we will provide a beautiful curated tablescape, delivered to your home. All of our box themes are currently available for hire in settings of 2 or more. The boxes can be delivered with no contact to your home or office and contain a guide on how to set up the table so you’ll know exactly how to recreate the magic in your own home, even if table settings aren’t your usual specialty.

Step 2) Order some delicious take out, thanks to the magic of Uber Eats, Deliveroo and Menu Log, it’s never been easier to have restaurant quality meals delivered to your door.

Step 3) Find your favorite romantic movie on Netflix. No doubt Netflix, Prime and Apple TV will be ready and waiting with titles like The Notebook, Grease and Crazy Stupid Love to snuggle up and watch together.

No matter if you’ve only been dating for a short time, you’ve been married for years or you just want to get together with your bestie, you can make Valentines Day shine this year and make it just as special, at home.*

The Gatsby Box is available for hire as a couples box for February only

*Always follow the latest health guidelines from your local Health Minister. Check your local Government website for up to date information in regards to restrictions and guidelines*

Top tips for styling your table

  1. Colour: Pick a colour theme and stick to three colours at a maximum. The best tables have a cohesive colour theme running through it, as this allows all the elements to look as though they belong together. Too many colours can overwhelm the table, especially when working with bright colours, keep the rest of the palette neutral. In the Halloween Box the orange is very strong and bright, however, it is offset with black and white which help the colour to pop without overwhelming the eye.
  2. Patterns and texture: Patterns and textures should be used to add interest to the table, like a textured wallpaper or a beautiful hard wood floor. Textures and patterns work well on runners and placemats. They key is to ensure you don’t use too many at a time, one patterned runner and a soft textured tablecloth will be enough for the table, too many patterns or textures at once will look overwhelming.
  3. Iron your linen: Clean, crisp linen will always make the table look more expensive and more presentable, it may take an extra few minutes to press your linen but it is worth it for the end result.
  4. Don’t skimp on the detail: One of the best things about a table setting is how close people are to the decor. This can be a great time to add something personal or something interesting to delight your guests. The White Christmas table features a number of different baubles, miniature Christmas trees and tealights. Although the garland looks fantastic on the table from a distance, it’s the details of each small piece that really shows the effort put in by the Host.
  5. Size matters: Lastly, play with heights, using different heights will add extra interest to the table without causing clutter. Try using tall vases or candlesticks to add those extra levels. The Gatsby Box features beautiful weeping willow branches on either side to add interest and a sense of romance to the overall aesthetic of the table.
  6. Hopefully these tips have helped in your pursuit of table happiness, if in doubt you can always Hire a Host Box and we take care of all of the above, ensuring every table setting you hire is perfectly balanced in colour, style and functionality. Hit the Shop tab to see what collections we have available for your next function.